Hvad andre mennesker har at sige om mig og mit arbejde? Få deres ærlige ord om, hvad vi har udrettet i fællesskab. Jeg er både beæret og stolt over at have arbejdet sammen med hver enkelt af dem. De har alle bidraget til at gøre mig bedre til det jeg laver.

Morten Kirk | Angel Investor og founder Hvisk.com

During the last 2 years I’ve done business with Micky. I’ve used him on several occasions in regards to online marketing. Micky has played a vital role in structuring and optimize our online marketing at Hvisk.com. I’ve met many outstanding professionals, yet Micky is clearly among the top performers. His EQ is also a great asset for any company as he aims to bring positive joy and share his knowledge to people around him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any position in future.

Peter Laursen | Ejer, Clubtan solkæden

Vi har i mere end 1 år haft Micky tilknyttet som sparringspartner og konsulent på vores digitale strategi. Mickey har leveret værdiskabende input og opsat systemer der har gjort os i stand til at måle om vores investering i branding og marketing rent faktisk virker. Som et resultat at den viden har vi har lavet betydelige effektiviseringer.

Aja Guldhammer | CEO, Reshopper.com

It’s not often you come across someone like Micky where you instantly both like him and 100% trust his skills and advise. Just for that, he is very high on my list of people I hope to work more with.

He is passionate, smart and I have learned a lot from him already – and I am definitely looking forward to learning more. I would never hesitate to recommend Micky and have no doubt that he can have a strong, positive impact on any project he takes on

Ebbe Kjær Skau | Search Marketing Cosultant, Geniads.com

I have the pleasure of working with Micky Weis aka. Dr. Online. Micky is one of those rare honest individuals in online marketing. Micky actually cares about your business, and strives to always deliver 100% of what is possible, when other deliver 30% simply because they can get away with it. Micky is eager to always learn and improve – I think learning is a hobby of his. Besides this, he is great at teaching!

Having Micky in my network is important! He is the key to many new business adventures, and I can always refer to him and get an instant grade of trust. I always recommend his blog www.mickyweis.com when people ask me for advice which is not related to my area of expertise. Micky is a Facebook, SEO and Content expert who is great with people and liked everywhere – awesome dude. My highest recommendations!

Kristoffer Degn | E-commerce manager, Made4men.dk

Micky is one of the strongest and most passionate human beings, I have ever met. He leaves no doubt that his heart is beating for e-commerce and entrepreneurship, for which reason I am thankful to have met him. He possesses a great and unique knowledge within the field of e-commerce and social marketing, and he is, if any, able to make any company’s marketing channels perform 200%.

Micky is a person, who loves to teach and pass on his knowledge due to his personality and philosophy: learning by doing. He is, for sure, a winner and therefore, he can move any company from 0-100 in no time.

I will recommend Micky to companies that want to be one step ahead of any other company. If you are looking for a candidate, who can sky-rock your business, Micky will be the perfect fit for you.

Ida Emilie| Head of Community at Hvisk

Micky has worked as a consulent for hvisk for a while now helping us improve our digital strategy and getting the most out of our digital advertisement. Micky is very skillful and with his great understanding of digital marketing – and specific ideas in terms of growth hacks – he has been a great partner in the process of lifting hvisks performance both in terms of traffic and sales! Due to his drive, passion and knowledge, it is a pleasure working with Micky, and I look forward to work on more projects with Micky in the future.

Peter Steen Litrup| Global marketing manager, Hummel A/S

Micky er super kompetent og vidende indenfor ecommerce og digital kommunikation og han kommunikerer let og ubesværet i øjenhøjde med sin målgruppe og vigtigst af alt så har han fingeren på den pulserende digitale puls, hvorfor jeg varmt kan anbefale Micky som digital samarbejds-/sparringspartner!

Vicky Engsted| Marketing manager, Sanovo Technology Group

Micky is very competent within ecommerce, digital communication and in general online presence. He knows what is trending online as we speak but most important also what to expect in the future.

I have had the pleasure of working with Micky on different online tasks and I can highly recommend him as a digital business partner.

Mik Thorbo Carlsen | Chairman Tattoodo

Not only is Micky a super nice guy and great to be around. He is also a true expert that understands online marketing on a different level. He is one of the pioneers who thinks creatively and is incredibly good at adapting to an ever changing situation. I cannot emphasise how important that is in online marketing. Micky made the strategy for our online marketing, and grew our FB page from 0 to 370.000 in 8 months. In the same period he took Ami James’ page from 380.000 to 1.8M!!! A true genius! Can’t recommend him enough. Write me if you want to hear more.

Filip Evaldsen| E-commerce Manager, Helsebixen.dk

Micky is a true inspiration and everybody who worked with him will acknowledge this. In the daily work Micky has a lot to attend to and many focus points – despite of this he always have the time to sit down and help where needed. The passion for his work and desire to inspire really shines through, which only makes it easier to follow and understand.

He is a constant pool to new ideas and have an amazing gut feeling when big decisions have to be made. But nonetheless he always base his decisions on solid data.

Micky values work ethic very highly and he himself is a brilliant example of it. I’m still impressed with what he can achieve in one day. His mindset is ”sky is the limit” – and you feel the same way when you work alongside him.

Nicolai Danmark Johannesen | Co-founder & COO at Reshopper.com

Micky has a superior knowledge in digitalization and how to scale IT related businesses. Micky has been a great value not only for Reshopper, but also for my personal understanding on subjects such as SEO, FB advertising and Growth Hacking. I would not hesitate to recommend Micky to any company who might need extra eyes on their strategies in the digital world.

Emil Vilain | Founder Slikhaarshop A/S

I have known Micky for quite a while and we have worked together in many aspects of growing SlikhaarShop.com  I like the way he always manage to keep updated with the rich pallet of online marketing options. If you ever doubt that, go check out his blog or drink a cup of coffee with him.

He helped us re-think the technical infrastructure to increase traffic through e-commerce, Blog posts and Facebook Campaigns. Having him on board in our top motivated entrepreneur team opened up for many strategies we’re still using to this day.

“A growth hacking paradigm.“  He has shown that he can deliver results, and he understands the ever-changing dynamic of the online marketing algorithms, which is crucial for long term success.

As a college Micky is an executor and a hard working person, with a passion for scaling the business he is working for.

Karsten Birkelund | Senior Consultant at IMPACT A/S

Micky er en ekstremt hårdtarbejdende marketing nørd, som altid har fingeren på pulsen i forhold til nye metoder og strategier. Online marketing er ofte fyldt med personer som gerne vil snakke strategi, men som ikke ved hvordan arbejdet skal udføres. Micky er i virkeligheden lidt det modsatte: Han vil udføre arbejdet og have hænderne beskidte – og ved stadigvæk en masse om succesfulde strategier.
Jeg kan kun give varme anbefalinger til Micky, hvis du ønsker at booste din tilstedeværelse på de sociale medier.

Mikkel Salling | Founder Firtal Group ApS

Micky is a dedicated and passionate online expert with a distinct knowledge and experience within social media. We were honored that Micky, despite running a business on his own, would take on the task of participating in our advisory board. Micky is the kind of guy you would want to keep close in your network as he can always contribute with value adding inputs. Though the very best part about Micky is his always good mood and enthusiastic approach to new tasks

Johan Plenge | CEO Tattoodo

Micky is one of the most ambitious people I have ever worked with. He knows everything there is to know about online marketing and growth hacking. We were lucky to get him on board Tattoodo to develop our online marketing strategy. The goal was to increase the traffic on Tattoodo.com and to build up a Facebook and newsletter user-base. The results was none other than amazing! In 3 months the traffic tripled on the site. The growth was also highlighted when Tattoodo was featured on TechCrunch and KillerStartups. It’s a pleasure working with Micky, and I have learned so much from him. Any company who wish to grow their online sales numbers would be lucky to have him. I give him my highest recommendations

Jesper Hvejsel | CEO & Co Founder Firtal Group ApS

Micky is a tenacious guy with a impressive work ethic. If you need to achieve your goals, Micky could be your go to guy.

Nikolaj Astrup | Founder Refuga ApS

Micky and I worked together several times. My experience is that he is very serious about his work and have a high quality in everything he touch. When people around you are ambitious and hardworking its spread and motivates other people. I would say this is one of Micky’s key forces. Micky has a good knowledge about online marketing, especially with SEO and social media, and is very result focused. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with Micky again.

Rasmus Lykke | Business Development Bestseller A/S

You make great business with people, but you also make great business when you have results.
– When you combine the two, a great passioned man that gives you the results you desire? You get Micky Weis.

We have used Micky several times, and there is a reason why.
Easy to work with, an extreme rare high passion, great personality and even though you don’t know how he do it – he gets you more results that you expect or agreed on.

A rare talent I can only give my absolute highest recommendation, and looking forward to explore new opportunities with

Rune Jensen | Founder Rankscanner.com

Jeg har efterhånden arbejdet med mange dygtige og hårdtarbejdende mennesker, men Micky har uden tvivl sat standarden for værende en “ihærdig initiativtager”. De kreative kvalifikationer kan løfte enhver virksomhed, både i kvaliteten og mængden af markedsføringstiltag, og trods hans egen ydmyge holdning til faget, er Micky den klart dygtigste marketingseksperts jeg har stiftet bekendtskab med. Det er alle virksomheders drøm at have én som Micky, men der er desværre ikke så stort udbud, da der kun findes én iværksætter som ham, og det er Micky selv.

Rasmus Cort | Co-founder & SEO Sorry Mom ApS

Micky contains a passion and a drive that I have met only a very few times before. With a skill-set like his combined with his person it was a no brainer for Sorry Mom and me personally not to keep him close. Micky has taken Sorry Moms online appearance from nothing to everything it is today, and we are still going strong for even better results! Micky is really ambitious and his work ethic makes an impact on everyone around him which is why we’re stoked about the fact that he’s still a part of our team at Sorry Mom. Micky as an advisor, business partner and friend has my very best recommendations!

Stoyan Yankov | CEO Level Up Productions

Micky is an incredible performer! He is really skilled and experienced professional with a drive to deliver every time a better work. His knowledge and understanding of digital marketing are beyond measure. But what sets him apart is his willingness to help, to go deep and really make a difference.
Excellent and inspiring speaker, basing his material on strong cases from his experience as a top digital marketer. Glad I am having the pleasure to work with such a great professional.

Sisse Melsen | Community & Growth manager at Trendsonline

Micky and I have been working together for almost a year. I´ve been getting insights on my target group and how to advertise on social media, which has helped us grow our social reach. Micky is a passionated, busy and coveted guy, but has always taking his time to help me when needed.

Camilla Phil | Intern at Firtal

Micky has been my manager in connection with my internship at Firtal Web. His leadership skills are impressive and he has an ability to not only lead his team in the right direction but also to see the individuals. Micky is incredibly good to see behind the characters and he quickly pick up if there is a team member who needs a talk. This particular quality makes him a unique leader. He has a wonderingly and curious approach to tasks, which is making him withdraw his entire team in the things. He is not afraid to give responsibility from himself and he trusts that people can handle the job, but he is of course always ready to provide coaching and guidance. I have been very pleased to have such a competent and appreciative leader and I can highly recommend Micky. He will be a very competent and unique manager in any business.

Chris Kleis | E-commerce manager Made4men

Micky is a super inspiring mentor, and i feel blessed to have had the chance to work with him. He’s experience and incredible skill to look at all challenges differently really shows what kind of person Micky is. He’s is both creative, but always have the right data to support he’s outside-the-box ideas. Micky always strives to compete with the top of the e-marketers in the world and i have no doubt that, he will get there at some point!

Jonas Wojcik | Co-founder Movember

Micky is one of the most competent online strategists I have ever worked with. He is extremely professional, passioned and above all; honest and trustworthy. This is clearly reflected in his work. Highly recommended and a huge inspiration.

Yoana Yordanova |Co-founder Apero Bikes

It is rare to come across exceptional talent like Micky. I had the pleasure working with him for our Level Up Event, where he made an outstanding and extremely valuable speech about Social Media. Micky’s in depth knowledge, oratory skills and punctuality in every aspect, impressed me the most. On every meeting we had, he managed to leave me inspired and motivated! He has my highest recommendations and I am more than sure Micky would be a valuable key speaker to every event within Social Media.